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Jinan Xinluchang Testing Machine Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jinan Zhongluchang Testing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It is mainly engaged in international trade. Jinan Zhongluchang is a key national enterprise in instrumentation industry with 18 years of professional experience in manufacturing testing machines. It is a middle and high-end machine professional manufacturer with the annual capacity of 1000 sets of hydraulic universal testing machines, 1000 sets of pressure testing machines and 600 sets of electronic universal testing machines. It is also the unit participating in the drafting of national erification regulations - JJG139-2014 Tension, Pressure and Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine and JJG1063-2010 Electro-hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine. It is China's most stable and reliable testing machine brand with patent technology and good product quality. It the only company which provides good services and two years of quality assurance in the industry. Newly bought products can be returned or exchanged for no reason within 3 months, which is also unique in the industry. Nearly 30000 sets of testing machines are widely used in all walks of life including highways, railways, electric power, water conservancy, construction engineering, colleges and universities, scientific research, machinery, metallurgy, casting, non-ferrous metals, plastics, rubber, wire and cable, pressure vessel, composite materials.

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