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What are the failure cause of electronic universal testing machine downtime

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What are the failure cause of electronic universal testing machine downtime
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Hydraulic universal testing machine in the operating instructions of the operator often see open the oil valve, open the oil return valve of repeated operation, is usually used for hydraulic universal testing machine to do test, this is the most simple and most basic things. I company engineer detailed below to share to send oil valve and oil return valve operation:

When rising test bench can send oil valve opening is big, is a test rig with the fastest speed rise, reduce the auxiliary time test. When on sample test force should pay attention to the operation, must according to the sample of the test force speed adjustment, should not be too fast, make the samples, also should not be closed without reason, led to the decrease of the load test force moment. Thus affecting the accuracy of the test data. If the test material yield point or other test, test force needs to be repeated, increase or decrease operations require extremely.

Operation of the hydraulic universal testing machine test sample on force, oil return valve must be tight, there is no oil leakage. After the sample fracture, slowly open the oil return valve, unloading test force and make the oil cylinder piston back in situ.