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Common problems and solutions of the hydraulic universal testing machine

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Common problems and solutions of the hydraulic universal testing machine
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Hydraulic universal material testing machine as testing equipment, to control the quality of the product must be in use process how to troubleshoot, ensure the machine good operation, the operator should learn to find problems and can eliminate, the following is a people come to the conclusion that two common problems and solutions:

A common faults of the hydraulic universal material testing machine:

Do tensile test, the sample fracture is always broken on both sides. The cause of this phenomenon, first of all should consider the machine body is installed vertically, such as ruled out such a reason, and from the following three aspects are ruled out.

1. The clamping jaw is not, when should be required to make the jaw symmetrical clamp good sample.

2. The poor quality of the jaw, teeth is damaged, in addition to affect the jaw different heart, also make the test sample in the process of sliding, the yield point make it difficult to identify. At this time should replace the jaw.

3. The upper and lower jaw different heart, should be processing a test bar, upper and lower jaw taut, based on two pillar of strength measured with a dial indicator, until adjustment of qualified.

Oil system load, serious or tubing rupture. First, check the oil system are tight joint, such as the need to replace the gasket, needs to be changed in time. If the tubing is broken, so, need to change the intensity of higher tubing, in addition, observe whether send oil valve, relief valve piston top whether die or installed backwards. In short, often should pay attention to machine in use process found problems, ruled out in time, in order to avoid errors you test result. Regularly check the correction in is the tester, to ensure the normal use of the hydraulic universal material testing machine.